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Medical Library

Since 2014, NCMIK has been collecting, organizing and preserving scholarly biomedical literature and relevant resources and providing free access to scientific information services.

• Books, Journals and Multimedia

It includes over 50 thousand biomedical literatures, journals, multimedia (DVDs, video clips), and resources. Anyone can visit and use check-in and-out services for viewing and utilize the facilities such as personal rooms for research, computer-assisted training room at the library.

• Web-accessible Online Resources

It also provides access to a wide variety of relevant web-accessible online resources including biomedical journal databases and research tools.

• Korea Medical Article Service

Korea Medical Article Service, biomedical article index database, provides access to over 280,000 domestic biomedical journal abstracts and the full texts of articles in some cases, The abstracts and full texts can be searched using MeSH terms, author names, title words, text words or phrases, journal names, or any combination of these. Simultaneously, it also provides access to international biomedical databases such as PubMed, PubMed Central, Science Direct, Embase.

Korea Medical Article Service is available on a web site for biomedical literature at http://library.nih.go.kr.

Healthcare Archives

The NCMIK provides access to a policy reports, guidelines and R&D-related articles that produced/published by government-fund support.

KDCA Museum

The NCMIK exhibits the historical collections of public health in Korea and presents the rich heritage and accomplishments of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(KDCA).

Data Center

The NCMIK provides data center service to perform on/off-line statistical analysis using SAS, SPSS, R, and utility applications. The users can use the Korea National Medical Insurance database on online connection as well disease-related datasets such as death registration and meteorological data.

Training Center

The NCMIK provides unmet need-based education programs(open knowledge seminars) to staffs and researchers of the KDCA. These include epidemilogical methods, statistical analysis with big data, and media training.

Publications of KDCA

• Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives

The NCMIK publishes the Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives(Osong PHRP), bimonthly international journal by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 2010. (Korea CDC).

The Osong PHRP focuses on emerging infectious diseases, vaccinlogy, zoonotic diseases, non-communicable diseases, intractable and rare diseases, and human genomics. The website is available at http://ophrp.org

오송 research 표지

오송 research 컨텐츠

Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives